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Clinton Cabinet Members #11 Reagan-1981.jpg

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Clinton Cabinet Members  #1 Cabinet Members Clinton Administration Thesecretconsul ComThere . (awesome Clinton Cabinet Members Good Looking #2)Good Clinton Cabinet Members #3 Reagan-1981.jpg Clinton Cabinet Members #4 Cabinet Member Contender Terry McAuliffe Cheers On Clinton At The  Democratic National Convention. Clinton Cabinet Members  #5 Cabinet Member Contender Terry McAuliffe Cheers On Clinton At The  Democratic National Convention.Ordinary Clinton Cabinet Members  #6 WikipediaClinton Cabinet Members  #7 Federico Of The Clinton Cabinet 100 ImagesThere . (beautiful Clinton Cabinet Members  #8)Amazing Clinton Cabinet Members #9 Politico Clinton Cabinet Members  #10 Cabinet Members Clinton Administration Thesecretconsul Com Clinton Cabinet Members  #11 Reagan-1981.jpgSuperior Clinton Cabinet Members #12 US President Bill Clinton (C) Meets With His Cabinet Members In The Cabinet  Room
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  3. Hillary Rodham, born 1947, U.S. attorney and social reformer (wife of William J. Clinton).
  4. James, 1733–1812, American general in the Revolutionary War (brother of George Clinton).
  5. William Jefferson (Bill), born 1946, 42nd president of the U.S. since 1993.
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Clin•ton, +n. 
  1. Hillary Rodham, born 1947, U.S. attorney, social reformer, and politician: senator since 2001 (wife of William J. Clinton).
  2. William Jefferson (Bill), born 1946, 42nd president of the U.S. 1993–2001.


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